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Happy Monday!

Okay before I really get into it, can I just say how proud of myself I am. I was not sure I would actually get a blog post up today but here I am! I am really going to try to blog way more since doing more than 1 video a week is just not feasible right now. I want to keep bringing you content so I hope this works out well!

Into today's topic, how the heck do you pick colors you like when creating a project. This is something I struggle with from time to time. One of the perks of Stampin Up and probably the thing I love the most is that everything coordinates together. This can also be an issue from time to time because I can't decide what exactly I want to use.

When I designed this weekends card, this is the exact issue I ran into! I had a design in mind and knew some of the colors I wanted to use but could not figure it all out and put everything together. So what I do in this scenario is just make little swatches to put everything together and see what I like!

I always have little scraps of Whisper White around this puts them to good use! The first thing I'll do is get all of the colors I want to use out. I'll then take my little scraps and stamp the images I want to use in each color.

I'll then take all of my other supplies I've decided on and lay them out on my desk and swap out my little swatches looking at all of the different color combinations I like. The fun part about this is you get to see all of your options without having to commit to a whole project!

This really helps to see how everything is going to look like when it's all put together. You can do this in 100 different ways and with every project if you needed to. I also decided to write the color names on the back of each scrap and keep them so I had some color swatches ready to go the next time I needed them!

I really hope this helps so next time you're stuck, you can pick the perfect colors for your project!

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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