Starting My Scrapbook!

Okay I have been so excited to start this scrapbook! We just moved in March and we have already created so many memories here I really don't want to forget any of them. And I'll be honest, most of them are small and things I probably won't remember unless I jot them down somewhere.

With our new Memories and More scrapbooking system, I figured what better time to start a smaller scrapbook to keep all of those little memories we have?

So I just did a couple of pages tonight but once I had all of my pictures printed, cut, and my cards laid out on my desk, it didn't take me long at all to put these pages together!

First little tip, did you know that you can print photos to fit into all of the pocket pages just by using Word? All you need to do is insert your picture into a new document, selected the photo and resize it whatever size you need! I love this because now I can print photos at home to fit into the 3 X 4 pockets!

I also really like having everything out in front of me when I start my pages. It just makes the whole process easier for me to see all of my options. Yes, it's a little chaotic and for smaller spaces, it's probably not the best option, but I really like being able to have everything at my fingertips and it allows me to swap cards really quick to see what I like and what I don't like.

Okay my last tip/ramble for the night is all about journalling! If I am writing a lot on one card, I really like to write it out first so I have a pretty good idea of what I need to fit on the card. It also allows me to make some mistakes and get it just right before I do the final product!

And here are my final pages from tonight!

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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