How I Organize my Accessory Bins

Happy Friday!

I hope you had an amazing week! I always feel like the weeks where there is a holiday or vacation day in the middle of the week makes it go by super slow. So needless to say, I'm really happy its Friday!

Today I wanted to show you how I decided to organize my accessory bin! I found myself not wanting to pull from all of the fun thing I have simply because I didn't have it organized in a nice way that made it easy to pull from. So I decided to change that!

I started with 2 bins and I actually ended up with the same 2 bins but really cleared a lot out.

First thing I did was I took everything out of the bins and decided what I wanted to keep and what I was willing to part with.

I honestly had things that I just simply questioned why I had. Like this, who needs this many mini clothespins? I'm sure I had fantastic intentions when I bought them..... 2 years ago :)

Once I had everything in 2 piles, I started with the pile of things I didn't want anymore and determined what I could give away and what I really just needed to toss. And to my surprise, my giveaway bin grew!

It grew so much, I decided to do a little giveaway! Check the bottom of this blog post for the Raffle Copter entry form!

Okay back to the topic at hand, once I got rid of all of that stuff, I took everything I was keeping and split it into piles to really see what I had the most of and how I could organize it.

I ended up splitting the ribbon into one section, embossing things into another section and so on. This really helps me see what I have of which items. When I know I need a ribbon to add to a project, I know where all of my ribbon is and when I pull open that bin, I can see it all there waiting for me.

I think I will probably end up needing to come up with a better solution in the long run but for now, this works for me!

Now onto the giveaway! There will be 2 winners and each with get some random goodies I have in my giveaway bin! I haven't decided what exactly yet but I promise, you'll love whatever are in the 2 packages so enter below!

This giveaway will only be open for a couple of days so enter now!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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