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Happy Monday!

Okay is it just me or does anyone else feel like they constantly need to re-organize their things? I swear I am always moving something around every single week. But who knows maybe it's just me :)

Today, I decided I needed to change around how I was storing all of my Framelits. Now, I'm not changing my storage system, just how I am organizing them in a different way.

I'm using these little file folders and keeping everything in them. It works really well for me since they fit oh so perfectly on my little shelf. The only issue I was having is that they were just thrown in there with no real rhyme or reason. Which ended up making finding what I needed just a tad bit annoying. So I started by taking everything out, and splitting it into different groups.

The groups I ended up with were "general" sets. So things like our Layering Circles, Stitched Framelits, things that aren't specific to a stamp set and can be used for anything. I then had the opposite, the sets that go with Stamp Sets (which lets be honest, thats most of what I own). And finally, I had embossing folders.

Once everything was in its little pile, I put it in it's place and then back on the shelf it was! So maybe not the most exciting thing, but I always like to see how other people organize their items to see if I want to move some of my stuff around too!

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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