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Happy Wednesday!

Guess who's gotten bitten by the scrapbook bug again? Well it's me! :)

I've been on and off lately with scrapbooking and I have really been in the mood to just go at it again. I'm currently working on 3 different albums. I know I'm crazy! But I've really been trying to get our wedding album done as well as focusing on jotting down all of the little day to day memories we've been making in our new house.

So today's post is all about a simple little page I made in our "daily" book. You'll be seeing quite a few other simple pages from this album soon too so I hope you enjoy!

For this page, it's super simple but something that I really wanted to document. It may not seem like much to some, but my husband offering to make dinner is a HUGE event in our house!

As usual, I started out by planning my layout. I'm using the Perfect Days Memories and More Card Pack which is by far one of my favorite packs we have! The colors and card themes just work really well with the style that I got for with my scrapbook pages.

The card in the bottom right corner seemed a little bare to me so I decided to add a couple stickers but it just didn't look right still.

I went a little more on the simplistic side and just added one sticker to make a bold statement. I really really like how it turned out.

And I'm happy that I was able to take something that seems like such a silly little memory to some people and put it in an album we'll have forever :)

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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