Memory Keeping Monday #2

Happy Monday!

Okay, let's start off with me saying how sorry I am that I didn't get a new video posted this weekend! We were really crazy busy all last week and it just continued into the weekend. I did manage to design a card but just couldn't find the time to sit down, film, edit and upload. So be on the lookout for a blog post later this week where I'll show you the card and how I made it. It is ADORABLE and I'm really excited to share with you!

One other quick thing, I am going to be listing my Paper Share this week! Which means, make sure you check out what I'm doing on Instagram and Facebook as well as subscribe to my newsletter so you'll hear about it first!

Now for today's project, I am continuing on our memory keeping journey! I missed last week (I know shame on me) but I'm back on the bandwagon today!

If you've seen any of my recent social media posts, you'll know that I have been working pretty diligently to get our wedding album done. Something in me just kicked in and I wanted it done! :)

The two pages I'm sharing today are both from my bridal shower. One of the activities we did at the shower was to have all of the guests write down advice on a card and they left them for my husband and I to have. It was super sweet and something we'll cherish forever. Little did the host know, she actually used Project Life cards so it make it really easy to put them all in a page!

I did have to make a couple of pockets to make the page complete since they were a mix of different orientations. I used my Fuse Tool to do a couple of really simple pockets.

I also used my Fuse Tool to make pockets for some of the decor items we had at the actual shower and turn them into part of the pages so we can keep them forever.

The second page, I used to add a few pictures of myself with family and again added some of the decor we had. Now I don't remember all of the kits that I grabbed these cards from but I will try to keep better track for future projects!

I absolutely love how these pages turned out! I especially love the flip pockets that allow the person looking at the album to interact with it and it also helps with being able to add more to the page in the same amount of space.

I hope you enjoyed this project for today! Let me know if you have any other memory keeping ideas you'd like to see me showcase!

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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