Merry Little Christmas Mini Cards | Stampin Up

Happy Sunday I mean Thursday!!

I FINALLY got this video to upload after trying for almost a week! Sorry it took so long! Wow it feels like it has been FOREVER since I wrote a blog post. I mean it hasn't been that long but I'll admit, I've been slacking a little. Sorry! We are just super busy with 100 other things but I swear I will get back into the swing of things! And of course as soon as I had my video done and ready to go, YouTube and I continued our love/hate relationship and it wouldn't upload my video. Oh the joys of technology..... :)

Anyways, enough rambling for me :)

These super easy mini cards are amazing and so fast to put together! Here are all of the cards I made to go into this box/set:

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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