Trial and Error!

Happy Friday!

Now I'll be the first to say I do not do many blog posts. Well, blog posts just on their own that don't accompany a YouTube video that is. But I've been on the struggle bus lately and felt the need to share :)

Lately it seems like everything you create has to be 100% perfect. And with things rapidly changing, I feel like I need to get things 100% perfect right now, the first time. And this really got me thinking while I was creating my next project I'll be posting tomorrow. It's okay to not be perfect. Trial and error is part of the process and really it's what can make it fun sometimes!

I craft and create because I enjoy finding new ways to create and try new things to see what happens. But sometimes it's really intimidating with that sense of perfection always lingering around.

So this is my little rant to tell you don't forget it's okay to go through 10 trials to get to something you like. It's okay to make mistakes and have to start something over. IT IS OKAY! And it's all part of the creative process.

Here are some photos from what I went through with my most recent project (look for the YouTube video tomorrow).

I figured I'd leave you with a couple of my tips or things I do when I'm in a rut and feel like I'm not getting exactly what I want:

1. I use my catalog! I absolutely love looking through the catalog and seeing the different projects. A lot of times I see something I like and can take that as inspiration and create my own project off of that initial idea.

2. Make small swatches to test out an idea. You can see above that I tried 3 different things before I finally found what I think looked the best. Try out small samples and play around with it until you find something you like

3. This one is probably my favorite; walk away! Sometimes you just need to get up, walk away for a little bit and come back to it. Take a walk, call a friend or do something to get your mind off of it and come back. I promise it absolutely helps clear your mind to come back and really see where/what you want to change.

I hope this helps if you're in a bit of a rut feeling like you just can't get what you want. It's okay and it's totally part of the process!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday and be on the lookout for the final version of this project tomorrow!

Happy crafting!

Xoxo, Lyndsay

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